When taking on a special project or a difficult one that requires custom work, consider using used trucks or used equipment instead of purchasing new. Purchasing new service trucks and equipment is fine for custom work that will suit every day needs because the business will need the durability. Special projects will not come up on a regular basis, so the investment does not have to be so extensive. Another reason is that most used equipment is still capable of peak performances and will last longer than expected.

Matching Trucks and Equipment with Needs

Business owners in industries such as mining, construction, land clearing, agriculture, and oil and gas can describe the issues, needs, and problems that need solving, but may not be able to match the right truck bodies with precise equipment. That is not their area of expertise. The designer, builder, and custom work technician is the expert in those aspects. If the same company that does the custom work also sells new and used equipment and trucks, the business owner will save time and money and be ready for that project.


The designers and builders of Eagle Pro Body service trucks and Tiger Cranes also sell new and used equipment and trucks. They are also leaders in custom work for service trucks. The goal is to design around the unique needs of the customer. Used equipment can be mounted onto an existing service truck that is already used by the customer or new equipment can be used to improve an existing truck. A used truck body may have more payload capacity that will safely handle the extra weight of the crane, lighting package, compressor, or lubricating systems that are required for the project.

Finding the Pieces

New and used products can be found at dealerships located in the US and Canada, distributors, or directly online at www.servicetrucks.com. If what is needed is not in inventory, it is possible that the company can find the part or body. Designing and building service truck bodies since 1985 means the company has many connections in the industry. Explore all options before passing on a project or investing a great sum of money on new equipment. Visit www.servicetrucks.com to learn what has been done for previous custom work